Monday, December 29, 2014

Wood Warm

So far it's been a warmer than usual winter. So far.

On a short trip this morning we saw that this family's woodpile hasn't gone down much since we passed this way a few weeks ago.
click to view larger
We' ve only had one propane gas delivery on December 6 since we ordered our supply on August 12. And, according to the news, oil has hit the 5 1/2 year low today.

Well, the days are getting longer and I'm getting older and weather seems to be more important than I remember; so does keeping warm.  


  1. quite a difference from last winter to this one for so many!

  2. That is the biggest heaping pile of wood I have EVER seen....our next door neighbor would LOVE to get her hands on that! She burns her fireplace even when it's 60 degrees...and she opens the doors and windows. Go figure. Each to it's own, I guess!

    Glad you are having warmer than usual weather. We are fixing to be hit with a winter blast, they tell us....expecting it's not supposed to get out of the 30's on New Years Day. brrrrrr