Sunday, December 21, 2014

Off Kilter

A fellow blogger made a hand decorated Christmas cup using Sharpies. It looked like a fun and easy thing to make. I didn’t have a plain white cup or mug. I substituted.

Since I didn't think I had any colored sharpie pens here (I supposed they were left at the place in SC) I used Sharpie highlighters - on a Corelle dinner plate!  I had 12 plain white dinner plates and never use them all at one time anymore so one was sacrificed for my craziness.

I scribbled on it like the plastic plate I have kept that one of my sons made at age 4 in 1972. I wasn't really serious about my design at all. After baking in a 350° oven for half an hour and cooling in the oven, the end result was failure! Only the pink and the orange colors remained. I put it on the bottom of the stack in the cupboard and quit. Well, "never give up" is one of my quirks, I guess. This morning I put on my thinking cap, went digging in my craft stuff AND FOUND three old colored permanent Sharpies! I then took out the plate from the bottom of that stack and started over, right on top of the old “art.” 

I should have taken a picture before baking it this time. It was at first very colorful. After baking, it was muted and I couldn't tell the green scribbles(design?) from the blue ones. The upshot is that it will do. I need to rethink. 

Not to worry about losing more color in the dishwasher. I’m the dishwasher.

Click on image to view larger and get dizzy!


  1. Thanks for the Christmas "greeting". lol At least you let me know you were thinking of me. I think about all of you all the time. And I want to come back to blogging, but every time I do, I lose a computer....and that is getting expensive....and since I don't lose one unless I am blogging, I have to blame it on that. What else could it be? Why don't any of you lose your computers?

    Glad to see you are up to your usual creativeness. Love that you kept your son's plate since 1972....and you claim to not be sentimental. lol I want you to know, the lighthouse ornament is right at the front of my Christmas tree....and I do think of you each day as I pass by. Hugs. And Merry Christmas!

  2. Muted or not they are sorta colorful.
    I love sharpies. They are quite handy.

  3. I think your plate turned out great. You did a fantastic job. Merry Christmas to you... :)