Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Maple Bacon Cookies & Woodpiles

Well, I tried a cookie mix and it was pretty good. After hundreds of years making cookies from scratch I am convinced that labor intensive cookie baking is not for me anymore... IF!  IF!  IF I can find mixes as easy and tasty as this one is!

We are going grocery shopping tomorrow and I will look to find more of these, but I don't have high hopes. I bought the package early in November and I'm sure others have discovered how palatable they are. There was also a frosting and a cake mix. I didn't buy those. 

No, mine aren't shapely but are salty/sweet and surprisingly different.  

This is a common sight in our area. Some even have stacked their winter wood up and OVER the windows on their front porches!

Click on image to view larger


  1. That cookie mix looks delicious! I just picked up Eggnog flavor. I'm serving them at a small family dinner, so I hope they're good!

    I guess having the wood under the porch keeps the wood dry, but I'd hate to block out any sunlight through my windows. Must be cold if y'all need that much wood!

  2. Looks like your area's residents are prepared for some bitter cold coming soon. LOTS o' firewood. And, yes, I agree baking cookies is exactly!!

    1. ps....I forgot to add I bought a gingerbread cookie/cake mix for the holidays. Dunno if I'll make the gingerbread cookies tho. Time will tell.

  3. I have a fireplace but it's not in working order. I stack my gas on the front porch. Perhaps my poor attempt humor did not come out as I would have hoped.
    Please pass the cookies I'm brewing some coffee. How do you take yours?