Sunday, December 28, 2014


Today I baked the very large smoked ham then, after lunch, I cut it up into slices for sandwiches and dinners. I cut up chunks for food processor work to make ham salad. I have a large pan of scraps and bones for broth. It took me two hours! I have put some in the freezer.  For dinner there is a corn casserole baking and we will have a piece of _ _ _ to go with it. Guess what!

Thank goodness my old electric knife is still sharp and has a LONG cord! It is important. Yes, my old hand mixer has a long cord as well. I have only one place to plug in these appliances for use and would not be able to get by without those long cords. 

After all that I played with photos of children who are adorable to begin with, but I changed them a bit. 

Title: DON'T CRY
Title: JOHN
 Title: JOHN-E
 Title: FOXI
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