Friday, January 2, 2015

New Beginnings...

Out with the old (filing of old) and in with the new (replacing and updating folders).  We burn what we can, but most is stored. It's not safe in the trash and we only have a small paper shredder. It would be nice to be able to take old papers to a big shredder but there is no availability of one in this area.  A BIG bonfire is definitely in order. 

So far I've updated my digital address book and printed out two 40 page hard copies of the information. I even updated the photos above the individual information and noted who is who in my life. By that, I mean I have described each entry's relationship to me. Such as,  Immediate Family Member, Relative, Great Niece/Great Nephew, Beach Friend, Friend-Other, Blogger. Special notes have been added regarding some individuals. I have also saved all directory entries on both computers as PDF files. 

New folders have been generated, one for each of us with all medical information and paperwork that arrives through the mail and have inserted envelopes for prescription drug receipts. 

All calendars are changed. New batteries installed in camera - new disc as well; flashlights are ready with all new batteries on hand. Gasoline cans are full in case of power failure and the need for running the generator.  

The furnishings and decorative elements of the cabin have been washed and dusted to the best of our ability. Waaay too many knick knacks are in here but each means something. I like my bric-a-brac surrounding me. There's no streamlining my stuff!

Let's get going 2015!


  1. wow, you're getting organized! :)

  2. You're much more organized than I am! Though in fairness to me I am making a concerted effort to throw things out and organize. That's what I spent a good deal of today doing. I do have a hard time throwing things out though. Then there's the shredding. I haven't gotten to that yet. I hate that. I did the battery thing though. I better stop before I start a blog in your comment section. Stay warm!

  3. You sure are organized. I have paperwork ahead and not looking forward to it.