Saturday, January 26, 2013



On January 14, 2012, I received two 15 oz. mugs I had designed and ordered online from Shutterfly. I chose this pattern because it was simple and red and white - the cabin's theme colors. I also like a large mug with a large handle so I can insert four of my fingers through the large space.  Tea, coffee, soup, milk, these are my mug beverages because hots stay hot, cold stays cold.

The first two mugs depicted my cooking and baking photos from the year before. The first one had three photos: applesauce, pecandy pie and persimmon pudding. The second one showed my ginger snaps, horse puckey fudge, and oatmeal raisin cookies. 

I loved these mugs and have used them for exactly one year, when I saw a "special offer" on the site for the price of mugs. I guess the sale is on because it's after the holidays. The price was right so I ordered four more to have a complete set of six. 

Number three had photos of tube pan carrot fruitcake, spice cake with icing and pumpkin pie.
Number four included meatloaf, turkey noodle soup, and barbeque roasted chicken tenders.
Number five showed a pot of bubbling barbeque sauce, baking soda biscuits, and corn bread muffins.
Number six consisted of iced spice cupcakes, raisin cookies and chocolate chip cookies.

So you see, I planned to have a nice set!

When they came I immediately saw a difference between the first two and the last four and wasn't happy. 

First two 

Second four 


I went to the site and had a nice live chat with customer assistance and explained my dilemma. She researched both orders, understood my problem and referred me to the technical team because she had determined that there was a manufacturing error in the first order - from a year ago! 

When I explained it to the next customer service person, she IMMEDIATELY re-ordered my first two mugs and there was to be no charges at all. That was two - TWO days ago. The new ones came today! How good is that service??? Free mugs - Fed Ex delivery overnight - no returns of first two - WOW!

I have great reasons to love Shutterfly. They promise 100% satisfaction guaranteed and they keep their promise. Oh what to do? I now have two "extras!"

Matched set

(click on photos to see detailed versions)


  1. I love those cups!! So cute and what a bargain!

  2. I love Shutterfly, too! I haven't had anything I have not been completely happy with yet, but it's nice to know that if I should, they will be happy to make me happy. Love your mugs, by the way!

  3. I love mugs (hint, hint, hint) LOL

  4. Oh my, I see something missing in your photos of your set, you didn't complete the photo set, you didn't photograph them from the front to show those pictures. With your OCDness I'm surprised you didn't

  5. It's wonderful to have a whole set! Something you'll enjoy! Hugs1