Friday, January 4, 2013

To Market, To Market,

Well today, after traveling about 30 miles one way, we traipsed around Binghamton and Vestal and then had lunch at Applebee's. I had absolutely no printer paper and not even one file folder left after doing my year-end home office work and I didn't even have any manila envelopes or file folders left.  The Office Max store that I used to go to disappeared. I couldn't find any acceptable items in Target or Walmart. Finally, we found a Staples and they had everything I needed and I MEAN NEEDED! Mission complete. I even found red ball point pens that were not gel or marker. They were hard to find! Now I have a dozen! Need a red ball point pen? I also purchased a nice small gooseneck lamp so I can read paperwork by the keyboard. I tossed out the last one a few months back when it pooped the bed and have been doing without it. Wow! What a difference good lighting makes. I had forgotten. 

Tomorrow will be a reorganization and cleanout of my desk and files. That's a project I look forward to. Organization is my middle name. 

On the way there and return, I saw numerous homes with larger and more beautiful icicles than we have and could have kicked myself for not bringing my camera. I almost never take it with us because I don't want it stolen or broken. It's not valuable, but it's all I have! Oh well, maybe we'll go to market again sometime soon.


  1. I love Staples. We have a store here in town so it is handy to shop in.

  2. Glad you found everything you needed. I know what you mean about your camera. Mine feels like an extra appendage now.