Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Shopper

My husband is frustrated with our old large TV because he can't read the football downs and scores on some of the channels. They are posted on the far upper left side of the screen and we don't have a wide screen TV! He has a cable box hooked up already so he can see the Speed channel for his auto races. That had to be done when there were some of them being run on an channel that isn't in our cable plan. He didn't want to upgrade to a better channel selection just for that one channel due to increased costs. A digital box was installed a couple of years ago.

I think by now you're getting my point - he watches a lot of TV in the wintertime. Every time we go to Walmart, a 60 mile round trip, for grocery items that we can't get here, he heads to the back of the store to check out TVs. The last time we went he came home and said he found the one he wants. He then told me he was determined to have it and will put it on the credit card! That is supposed to be used only for emergencies. Oh well, I gave in. After all, I have my computer to keep me busy and he only has an old TV. 

The very next day, he left early heading to Walmart. He really must have had itchy britches, you think?  He returned several hours later with a large, but not heavy box. Or so he said. It reminded me of this quotation "He's not heavy, he's my brother." 

It took about 3 more hours for him to set it up. The stand stood empty because the first thing he did was to put the older TV in the middle of the living area floor. When I asked where he would move it to later, he said nothing. All the input/output wires from the cable box, CD player and VCR were attached and it functioned perfectly after being programmed.  He loved his new TV. The only thing yet to do was to attach his remote wireless headset. Oops! No output port ANYWHERE!

Nadda! Nuttin! NO WAY! He cannot use his wireless headphones and charging cradle with his new TV.

You see, he is VERY hard of hearing. His hearing aids pick up too much of surrounding noises and annoy him to the point of taking them out. The next thing he did was call for customer support. The answer was that he needs a TV that has an audio output port. DUH! 

Next day.........New TV all repacked to perfection, loaded in truck and a trip back to Walmart.

The only ones they have with the necessary hole are too large, too expensive, or not in stock.

After returning home, he completely reset up his old TV, and today is sitting comfortably in his lounge chair, headset on head, watching football. A credit IN FULL (no re-packing charges) has been applied to his card and I'm sure, this will all start over very soon.  

He has been one very busy, very frustrated fellow. 


  1. sad. I can relate though. My mom has a hearing aid, but cannot hear the tv and had to use the closed caption until my brother bought her a wireless headset. I didn't even know they made such a thing. I hope he finds one that will work out for him. Maybe you could research them on the internet and find him a good bargain. :)

  2. Hubbys recliner looks very much like mine. Same color and almost the same design. I also sat in my recliner watching football yesterday and it was a good day too!
    60 mile round trip. Yikes!

    1. Boston Boy,
      Hope you DO have the same chair! The Franklin Recliner Chair was purchased on March 1, 1991 at Montgomery Ward in Johnson City, NY. It cost $799.99 and I purchased it on sale for $399.00 plus tax. My final cost was $417.29. That makes it to be over 22 years old! It also makes the cost of having this quality chair has been $18.97 a year! About $.052 a day!! Works fine. Lesson here is that you get what you pay for.