Monday, January 14, 2013

The Record Keeper

Keeper of Records -Me

The Franklin Recliner Chair was purchased on March 1, 1991 at Montgomery Ward in Johnson City, NY. It cost $799.99 and I purchased it on sale for $399.00 plus tax. My final cost was $417.29.  That makes it to be over 22 years old! It also makes the cost of having this quality chair has been $18.97 a year! About $.052 a day!!  Works fine. Lesson here is that you get what you pay for.

Other examples:

The Kenmore gas grill that is used at least twice a week - every week - was purchased at Sears on July 2, 1984 for $258.00 plus tax. Yes! it is almost 30 years old! Sits out on the porch, day in, day out. Works fine.

The GE Microwave oven was a gift from my husband and some of our kids as my 1985 Christmas present. I never even wanted one of these. I love it and it is used several times a day every day! I have no idea of its cost, but we had to replace the oven bulb a couple of years ago and that little sucker cost $23.80 s/h incl. My point here is that I had kept the model number, serial number and instruction manual all these years - 27 years, in fact.

The JVC 27" TV was purchased on December 7, 1999 at Circuit Stores in Vestal, NY. $399.99 incl. tax. It's over 13 years old. Works fine. Its capability for today's faster electronic changes is lacking now. 


  1. kill me! But you are right. You do get what you pay for. I want you to know that if you and your hubby break down and get a plasma or led hd tv, you will not regret it...not once. You will sit there and wonder how they make these pictures look so beautiful... the Samsung plasma hd tv that we paid $600 for (51") is cheaper now at Sams,'s $499, I think. I think my daughter told me even HEB, our grocery store, has it for about the same price. It is the best $600 we have ever spent. We haven't regretted one day of spending the money. I don't even watch tv that much...just stream Netflix to it mostly. Hubby watches foozball on it, and no, I didn't mispell that...I just HATE football, but I WILL watch it with him on this tv because I can see all the people in the stands and what they are doing...we can even read people's mouths sometimes!

  2. You do get what you pay for. I agree with you! I also agree with Leave it to Davis about the new TVs. You cannot imagine the beauty of the pictures on them.