Friday, January 11, 2013

Pecandy Pie

No, I didn't spell incorrectly - 

If I could give you a piece
you would surely agree.

I put the old pot again into service.
This pie is made by using another OLD OLD recipe that came to me from a friend of a friend, of a friend. 

It's a bit labor intensive now for me - I never used to think so - but well worth the work! I used to make my own crust, but now a frozen one from the store works - not excellent, but OK  and not as messy.

I even drool just thinking about it sitting on the counter even though I've already had a piece, just one tiny one to see if it came out all right; it always does. Here's the recipe in case you'd like to make your own. I love how the pecans just float right up to the top when it's baking. 

Pecan Pie

1 3/4 Cup light brown sugar (packed) or dark OK
1/4 Cup dark Caro syrup
1/4 Cup (1/2 stick) BUTTER
Bring above ingredients to a rolling boil. DON'T over boil.
Pour INTO 3 beaten eggs. Stir.
Add 1 tsp. pure vanilla extract (not imitation)
Add 1 Cup chopped pecans (I GRIND them)
Add pinch of salt. Stir.
Bake in pie shell 3/4 hour at 375˚

Hint: wash your pot and other utensils right away - it sticks like glue if you leave them unwashed for very long.                                                                                               

I grind the pecans very fine now so they don't get stuck in our teeth. Funny how we adjust as we age.


  1. My grandmother's recipe is very similar to yours and I do know what you mean about it being Pecandy pie! YUMMY! Next time I bake a pecan pie, I try yours. Don't delete your blog so I can find the recipe! :)

  2. I love pecan pie! Thank you for sharing the recipe!