Thursday, January 24, 2013

Concoction Cookie

My Concoction Cookie

Yesterday it was -5° at 8AM. My bedroom thermometer where my computer is stationed read +56° so I cleaned house a bit and then read a book. Today it has warmed back up to -2° at 8AM.

This morning I had a different activity. When checking the cupboards I discovered I had a lot of brown sugar left and raisins galore. These items are remnants of the holiday baking sprees I had back in November and December.  What to do.....what to do?????

As I only have ambition and stamina very early in the day, baking is labor intensive so I decided to use up these leftovers. 

The recipe for these cookies is one I made up and was delightfully surprised how wonderful they turned out. I had to experiment with the timing of each batch and finally on the last two, got it right. ( I didn't write it down, but just put ingredients I knew should go into cookies into my vintage big bowl and mixed them well.) 
I call them Brown Sugar Raisin Snaps

The old GE hand mixer I use was sure groaning because the batter was very thick throughout the process. I just knew it wouldn't accept the addition of raisins. I had a helper hand-stir in the raisins. I love this old appliance because it has a VERY long cord and plug in locations here are few and far between. I baby it and give it plenty of rest periods when mixing so it won't burn out.

Ok so now you know why I'm "plump." We LOVE home made cookies and they go fast. It's hard to keep to our ration of only 4 each per day. If my down-the-road neighbor walks by later today with her dogs, she will be the recipient of a few - just a few. Selfish me. 

Concoction Cookie Pyramid


  1. They look delicious. Where is the recipe?

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  3. lol....what a NICE person you are, Gere!!! YOU are going to STOP your neighbor in her walk and GIVE her some cookies. I see right through you. :) I wish I was your neighbor....I would come help you stir those and bake them!

  4. And then I'd give you a hug before I left.