Saturday, March 9, 2013

I'm Not Warm Yet

Well I've been here for one month with one to go. It is unusually cold this year and I'm not liking cold, but the good news is that I have computer access, at least.

This is short so forgive me. The sun will become stronger soon and I'll be not so grumpy.

I have only taken a few photos so far and hope to find more interesting subjects. All of the wildlife is hiding so I have been crafting paper flowers and teaching several other friends how to dye and cut and make them.
Click on image to view larger


  1. Well, here you are! I wondered what happened to you! I'm sorry you're cold. I'd send some of this heat your direction if I could. You know I would! Love the herons (?). And you are so talented! Those flowers are wonderful. You should put a little tutorial on here. You could have someone video you making one and then post it on Youtube and then post it on here and we could all be making them! Or do you only want to show a select few? :) Hugs. Glad you're okay...I was beginning to worry since you said your hand was giving you fits!

  2. Love the flowers... and yes, I agree. I would love a
    video to refer back to as I try to make these beautiful