Sunday, March 10, 2013

Nature's Progress This Spring

The great blue herons are all over. I took the previous photo shown in yesterday's blog of him fishing in one of the swashes. The white egrets both large and small are all over too. The swans are mating and nesting. The ducks - same. There are already way too many!  The Canada geese and ibis are also abundant. The pelicans, cormorants, gulls and sandpipers love it here. There are many varieties of hawks which prey on the squirrels (too many) and rabbits (too many) in the area and they are fat. Turtles live in every lake and pond, as well as muskrat and other water-loving critters. Bald eagles are often seen soaring over, high in the sky above the ocean and land, along with osprey looking for fish. There are five resident goats on a small island and red foxes have been seen.  Flowering trees and perennials are slower to bud out, but there are dozens of daffodils and pansies in bloom.

Hooray! Spring is on its way! I'll soon be trying to capture more wildlife with my camera.


  1. That is a cool shot! He looks like he is water skiing! Why are there "too many" of all of those birds (and were you meaning too many squirrels and rabbits, too?)? Is there not enough habitat for them to nest in, or not enough food, or are they becoming pests for the people there?

  2. Wildlife is being pushed out by "improvement" and people. It is now becoming a severe pest issue. It's the area.

  3. You wrote this on March 10th, today is March 24th and yes
    we are still waiting for spring....