Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring! Yeah!

Today I took nature ride around the park in my golf cart. I don't seem to have any endurance to walk in search of interesting things to shoot; besides, my camera gets heavy after a while! It was much too windy to go on the beach and get sand-blasted! That doesn't feel good.

The birds and bees were all busy, but I found a few to capture. 

See the turtle?
Now see the turtle.
 See the swimmer?
When he climbed onto the bank his light tan fur was fluffed up and not slick like a muskrat, but he beat me back into the water before I could shoot him! Darn! 
I have seen many muskrats here, but he was very different.

Great White Egret

South Carolina State Flower – Yellow Jessamine

Hopefully, more blooms will be bursting soon!