Wednesday, January 4, 2023

First Bake 2023

Many good large fresh eggs, given to me by yardman family and a shredded chunk of special sharp cheese from a daughter's gift, together with lots of spinach made a wonderful supper for me. This quiche is simple, tasty and I saved several slices for the treat again. Of course it was so good because I baked it in my pottery pie plate. This plate is heavy and kept it warm when I took pictures and still warm after I devoured my large slice. 

Everyone should have one of these plates! Plus a good neighbor with hens that keep on laying!

Love my old tools!
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  1. Yum!!! Eggs are nearing $6 here. (for18)

  2. Your quiche looks delicious. Of course that gorgeous pottery pie plate adds to its beauty. Hilltop Post

  3. Where is the recipe? It looks great.

  4. Please read my last post.

    Much Love
    'Beside a babbling brook"

    1. I read your posts every day, even when there isn't a new one. Yes, I read today's. Hits hard.