Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Lingering Thoughts

Well, it's just a year today that my brother left earth. He was such a ball of enthusiastic energy and innovative ideas that his spirit really does linger on for me. You just don't know someone for 81 years and, POOF! they aren't around anymore. It is still a shock that he doesn't come around for a bustling fly-in and fly-out visit, leaving a whirl of energy in my space. I admit, that he was not a rule-follower, sometimes self-centered, but those are traits of many others. Yes, he left a mess behind. It was to be expected. I accepted his ways and it was never my duty to try to change him. I think the main trait was that he was a God-fearing/loving man and enjoyed every endeavor to the fullest. Even when struggling with his final illness, it was with wholeheartedness and fortitude. Something was taken away from me when he died. Something was taken away from all who knew or came in contact with him in large or small ways. I miss him — terribly.

In December 2012, I wrote this:

Paul ,My Brother

My brother, like his only son, my nephew, is a very special individual - to me, at least. He is radical in his political thinking, he is one of those "survival preppers" to beat the band. 'Nough said in that area! He is, and always has been a craftsman - wood, glass, metal, leather and more. He is an inventor and builder of ultralight airplanes. He comes in like a whirlwind and goes out like a tornado when he visits. He scares our dog. He is loud and boisterous, and doesn't give a darn who or how he affects others. He has tons of personality but sometimes scares people away from him. At age 73, he is heading south to GA to pick up another airplane. He crashed the last one in an Amish farmer's apple tree orchard last year and all because it was a nice day and he forgot to gas up before taking flight! He has walked away from a total of 3 crashes with only a couple of scratches. There's just NO stopping him! He manages a friend's property about 15 miles from us - many acres, with a private airport, and he lives there with his dog, cat, chickens with a nearby maple syrup-making facility. He has a neighboring family with 6 children, who call him "Poppy." Oh, yes---there is much more. He is NOT dangerous in any way except to himself with his lifelong antics. 

I have no idea how he makes ornaments, but he has made many and keeps them in CD packets, lined up in an old metal file box drawer. The ornaments are NOT etched, they are CUT. The tools-machines he uses are his own inventions. In the past he went to antique shows all over the East coast, setting up a station and repairing people's chipped or broken antique glassware, giving life back to marbles and paperweights. He has taught his son the art. In the way past, he did furniture repair and stripping and refinishing.  (He is NOT wealthy at all and blows money like it is free, but actually has worked hard for what he has/had.)

He is not fussy about his appearance but is physically clean. He's also very frugal. 

GMR December 2012``````````````````````````

A bright star shines on.....
Its name is Paul
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  1. Wow, a year already. My Uncle Paul took me under his wing and taught me craftsmanship. I am a master tool and die maker today because of some of the things that he taught me at a young age. He is missed

  2. How lucky you are, to have known and have this unique man, as a sibling.

  3. There is something very special with siblings!! Even the rivalry PLUS comrades in arms!!

  4. What an amazing man! And the cutest baby ever! Hilltop Post