Tuesday, January 31, 2023

What's Up?

I have had several of my followers and friends ask me, Where are you? What are you up to? Why haven't you been blogging like you used to?  Well the fact is that I haven't been inspired lately. It was such a relief to learn, after several diagnostic tests, that I don't have cancer or major conditions with my body except one. That is a flare of intestinal issues and I will be having a consultation mid-February with a doctor before doing anything at all. Soooo I've been kinda relaxing and puttering around in here. Looking out of the windows is a constant activity and I do know what is going on in my neighborhood pretty much! Now for some boring activities that have engaged my efforts and time for a couple of past days. Beware! This is NOT exciting stuff. 

* I cleaned and polished all of the items on the fireplace mantle and then the mantle. * I G.I'd the humidifier really really well. * I moved my slacks from the small bedroom to the larger one. * I cooked a pot roast in the slow cooker, sliced it up, froze the slices. * I sliced and cooked batches of fresh carrots and frozen yellow string beans. * I made strawberry Jello and beat it with Extra Creamy Cool Whip for a sweet treat.* I put away the freshly-laundered clothes that are done for me bi-weekly. * I cancelled Schwan's delivery food service because I have decided not to order $60.00 bi-weekly just to have free delivery. I am only one person. * I wrote letters and paid bills. * I vacuumed the kitchen, dining area and bathroom. * I gave my four plants their weekly drink. * I dusted and polished the tops of two dressers including what was on them. * I had a helper come and take away and ship some items to cousins in three different states. * I filled the salt and pepper shakers, the sugar bowl, the cookie/cracker jars. * I took out the trash. * Each day I attempt to walk seven to ten laps from one end of the cabin to the other - a 30 ft. length one way - * I am forcing myself to drink water. None of this involves other personal care. Washing dishes, making bed, researching topics on computer of course are other time-consuming things that get me through the day. So far, no mood to read or create anything. I am waiting for warm weather!!!! Be sure I am NOT depressed at all. I know the rhythm of seasonal changes and just try to stick it out until it gets warmer. I'm not climbing walls.      


  1. I love your list! My favorite is "researching topics on computer." "Learning...learning...learning. It makes me feel good to learn about the world around me." (From your profile) We are definitely kindred spirits."

  2. You do what's on your agenda for the day and think nothing of what others think (except for the care and concern for your well-being!)