Saturday, January 14, 2023

In a Lull....

Just trying to get through each day toward Spring. Do NOT like being cold. Everyone who stops in says it's hot in here. Well to me it is cool and 75° is just not warm enough. I turn the thermostat down to 69° at night. My electric blanket helps some. The humidifier is going strong. I have lost too much weight (not on purpose) so have no fat to help keep me warm. Doc appointment next week. In prep, had full lab work a couple of days ago and am scheduled for CT scan Monday. Something is askew. No energy to create computer art, or do much of anything. Time will tell, I guess. Just another path to travel and explore. I might try frolicking around in here. Maybe cavort a bit as well. 


  1. Love the picture. Don’t listen to anyone but yourself and stay warm

  2. I agree with Carol. AndI love your frolicking lady! Hilltop Post

  3. Winter doldrums??!
    Be well dear one. Keep us posted on results of appointments.

  4. It is the winter blues, think spring and turn up the heat!