Thursday, July 14, 2022

Jumping Through Hoops

Well that is what it feels like! But oh what a ton of hoops you have to go through to just get a date for one of two cataract surgeries! They did all the tests here at home when I went for eyeglass lens updates. Then it was determined I had cataracts and an appointment was made for me at the place where the surgery is actually done. It's about 45 miles away and my daughter did the driving. The place was completely full of people waiting for their appointments. My wait at first was 45 minutes. Then all the tests were done again! Then I saw the surgeon and then I had to get paperwork to bring home to fill out and also get a regular doc appointment to be cleared for the surgery. They also called in medicines for me to use after the surgery and they are not generic so the cost will be high. It was good to have my daughter, who has had 5 back surgeries already and is scheduled for hip replacement in September, with me. We both motivate with canes. We left at 8:45am and returned home at 2:30pm. It took all the strength I had to go through it plus there was a lot of walking and I was totally wiped out! She was, as well. So far the surgery will be at the end of August and that means at least a 2-3 hour wait for my daughter who will not be allowed to accompany me inside the facility.

If I didn't need my eyes for reading and computer work, I probably wouldn't even bother. I DO NOT like being in a facility with tons of others waiting and in my area even though we all had to wear masks. When you challenge yourself, it means that you're alive, not just existing!


  1. Best wishes on your procedure & yes...our eye sight is worth it.

  2. Wow...what an ordeal. I do understand how exhausted you can get!!

  3. I guess sometimes we must jump through those hoops, but still....You'll be needing good eyesight for all those things you like to do.