Tuesday, March 15, 2022

You Can Bet on It!

I have noticed recently that there are many ads on TV showing how easy it is to bet on your phones! I don't remember seeing such ads in the past. There is even a number for people to call if they have a gambling addiction and need help!!!

WHAT in the world is happening here? It is awesome to me how people love the state lotteries and now they are encouraged to bet more with their phone apps!

To me it is like driving down the road and throwing $ out of the car window - never to see it again.

One time many years ago we went with another couple to a NJ casino and I got bold and put my Susan B. Anthony dollar coin in a slot machine. Well..... that machine pumped out $100.00 in coins and filled a large cup. Of course I was encouraged by others to try again. NOPE! I carried that cup around with me for the rest of the night and in the next week, deposited it into my small savings account.  That has reinforced my position that it would be easy to become addicted and how simple it would be.

Sorry folks, I just don't understand why people gamble. Guess it must be because I worked too hard to just throw my money away in the hopes of getting more free! 

I remember playing dozens of card games with friends and we never played for money. Only the game Monopoly made sense. Even at carnivals and boardwalks I could never drum up any desire to pay and play. 

Now I don't condemn others who gamble but it is their choice, just not mine, ever! I just DO NOT BET!

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  1. I play Texas lottery once in a while. We don't pay state income tax so I feel in a way, I'm contributing to finance road repair, etc.

  2. It is a New World out there, and notttttttttt a goooooodddd one. Horrible how easy it is to bet.

    Thankfully we do not bet.

    I have a lot of fun, watching racing in Aug., on my tv. I like the Ortiz brothers, who are wonderful riders and nice family men. It's fun, just to watch. Never bet on them.

    Same as you, to me, it's like throwing your money out the car window. And so possibly addictive.