Monday, March 28, 2022


Well it is 15° at 11:00 am and snowing. I am sooo glad I don't have to go out. My neighbor calls it Wring. "Wring... when Winter refuses to yield to Spring." Her friend says "Wring is Wrong."  I fully agree with them! 

I have been coughing a lot every morning for a couple of weeks but at least that has now subsided and I won't call for a doctor's appointment. I thought it might be allergies to plant pollen from my gifts but also know that there is a possibility I have a touch of bronchitis or pneumonia. Having a pretty strong immune system throughout my life is a really good gift. It must be all the dirt I ate as a kid, ya think?

I had a very nice birthday over the weekend and am so grateful that the weather was cooperative as one of my daughters drove from NJ and stayed overnight. I hadn't seen her in person for seven years! My nearby daughter visited and the 'girls' exchanged their Christmas gifts as they weren't able to get together last season. I really enjoyed their interactions and bantering. Both sons called with loving messages. Many of my close and wonderful friends sent beautiful 'snail mail' cards and I sure did like them all. Internet greetings came my way as well. I never had a four layer mousse cake before. That was really a fine experience — especially when my daughters sang to me! (One is 66, the other 62 and need some more duet practice.)

I'm looking forward to the return of my golf car so I can take a ride and check out the lake and its residents and take pictures. Too soon yet because I DO NOT like to ride when it is cold. Old feels Cold. Yep!

The Oxheart tomato seeds I saved have been planted in their containers as usual. Missy will share the starters with several people and I am sure to enjoy a few of these favorites myself as the growers share back when they are ripe. 

In the meantime I must get moving more. This sitting around is wearing me out! 


  1. Hope you feel better & Happy Belated Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Lovely to have both daughters there. Both pretty daughters I must say.

    Don't take chances with that cough. Please...

    It's Wring over here too. Wind... Not warm enough temps. Snow spitting. Ugh...


  3. It's in the mid 70s here, sunny & breezy. A beautiful day. I bet you ARE getting anxious to be out and about on your cart enjoying the great outdoors. But, you must get to feeling better first!!! Take care. Your daughters are very pretty...good genes

    And, Ms G a very special birthday wish from me to you, tho belated!

  4. Well...Happy Birthday to you. Those kiddos surely know how to make Mom happy on her special day. Yay for dirt and a strong immune system.