Tuesday, March 29, 2022


The GE Microwave oven was a gift from my husband and some of our kids as my 1985 Christmas present. I never even wanted one of these. I love it and it was used several times a day every day by everyone, even the houseful of teenagers! I have no idea of its cost, but we had to replace the oven bulb a couple of years ago and that little sucker cost $23.80 s/h incl! My point here is that I had kept the model number, serial number and instruction manual all these years. 

In 1972 it was moved with us into Cabin Tranquillity. It is used several times daily. Today it is 37 years old and still completely functioning. My title here is Eureka because the oven lamp burned out a second time and I immediately went to GE to get another replacement. There were none available for that particular model and year. I wasn't surprised so I pursued further with internet searches with the part# and found one! It was $4.00 with no s/h and came in just a couple of days. I replaced it and am back in business. 

I tell you this because I have always found it important to keep records of appliances and it has enabled me to know exactly what numbers and models, etc. would be needed for replacement parts. 

I highly recommend this site: Certified   909-667-2787.  Link below.

Certified Parts

There is so much waste today and being frugal, in my way of thinking, is being sensible and economical. 


  1. That is great! You are real good at being frugal! I remember the post where you noticed the hole sizes in the seasoning shakers got larger.

  2. Excellent idea to keep that sort of information!!!!!

    And thank you for the site link!

    Love the sun pouring into your kitchen!

    💚 💗 💚

  3. I have a notebook of replacement parts/warrantees/business cards for plumbers, lawyers, electricians. Account numbers for electric company, telephone, etc. So if power goes out, I know right where to go for #!! Also my contact phone numbers I have ICE by daughter, son, Bud's names for cops/hospitals In Case of Emergency...they know who to call if I'm in an accident.

    1. We seem to be so alike in our methods of having needed information handy at our (or other's) fingertips.