Wednesday, December 16, 2020


They say good things come in threes. Today it happened. A box from friends in HI with frozen specialty foods was delivered via UPS this afternoon. The snail mail delivery person stuffed a book-sized box that was full of homemade cookies and candy from a dear friend in PA in the mailbox. Every year this friend also makes gifts of little angels and items that are unusual. I treasure these very much. Another sweet lady supported her local business and purchased goods that have significant meaning for us. That package came with a nice card and is a lovely and useful gift. Several other beautiful cards arrived, all with notes. The Christmas and holiday cheer surrounds us here. 

I had fun with the dry ice. Mike Stevens, our local WNEP News journalist who puts together slide shows among other wonderful efforts to entertain us once said, "We are products of our childhood."  How true!

The snow is coming down at high speed as I write this. Tomorrow we'll see if the Mister can use the blower to open the driveway. If not, our lawn and yard man is ready to help out. (The cold air is a problem for the Mister as it makes him cough, due to his lung disease.) The plows will plow us in for sure! We have all we need and are prepared very well as far as food and shelter are considered. Not everyone is. 

Here is a sample of what we expect to see tomorrow morning. The forecast says 18" to 24"! It should be finished falling around 10am. 

(These are last year photos, not nearly 18-24")
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