Friday, December 11, 2020

The Cabin, My Home


The old Tranquillity cabin was built in 1961 with love and patience and hope. We moved in here in 1997.

This is a very comforting home. It doesn't seem to change very much. When things don't change they can be very comforting. No, I did not say comfortable. There are drawbacks but it is not like living in Alaska. Sometimes the biggest difficulty is laundry. There isn't one nor is there a way for there to be one in here. Sometimes another difficulty is showering in the old tin shower with a faulty head that, though we have tried to remove and change it, won't budge. 

HOWEVER,  the old rough and really rustic logs surround us from floor to ceiling with stability. The pine cupboard doors with black hinges and crooked screws work just fine. The floors are cold most of the time as the cabin is built on a concrete slab. So what?

As you already know, the kitchen is functional - not modern but very practical and handy. There are no stairs. That is a strong positive!

We can look out any of the 13 windows and see our little world of the beautiful lake just across the dirt road. Nature appreciation opportunities are countless.

There are old draft horse shoes nailed over both entrance doors and we are protected. They face up. Pop hung them there.
Just talking about the past can be an indulgence for old people so here I am telling you that we are OK. Snug, safe, secure, satisfied, sheltered. All we have is all we need.
Please click on image to view larger. These are all older photos.


  1. A perfect setting of happiness if you ask me!

  2. I so agree with Anni..."A perfect setting of happiness." It is almost as though we start to defend those things in our lives that aren't so perfect, for they become such a part of us.