Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Bone Broth

When trying to make room in the big freezer I saw that I had saved not one but two bags of turkey carcass bones. It was time! Into the covered large pot they went with water to simmer from 10am to 5pm yesterday. Then, after dumping the bones into the colander, the hot broth was returned to the kettle and then placed outdoors on the gravel-covered dirt floor in the carport with a crate over it. The crate was to discourage critters from getting burned. Yeah, them trying to get into it is more like why it was covered when set out overnight to cool. I did that because this morning I brought it in and removed the thin hard fat layer easily. 

After chopping three large carrots, three large stalks of celery and one medium onion, the broth was brought again up to a boil and I put in half a box of Uncle Ben's whole grain brown rice. A slow simmer of about an hour with some garlic powder, salt, pepper, bay leaf and poultry seasoning caused an aroma that was really nice in here. Of course we then had some for lunch. I had to cool it all down again somewhat before bottling in my quart plastic jars for the freezer, leaving head space. It really was worth the effort. You cannot buy bone broth vegetable soup in the grocery store. 

for a better look click on image



  1. Mmm hot and comforting on a cold day ❣

  2. But you can buy bone broth here. Chicken, turkey or beef.

    1. Half of the goodness is doing it and knowing exactly what is in it. Time consuming, but not comparable.