Thursday, December 10, 2020


A very unusual sight this morning made me stop in awe. I called the mister out of the back room to come see what was occurring. 

Seven Canada geese flew over and then landed on the lake. They sat where they landed in a complete mentally frozen state as the lake has started to freeze over and I imagine the slush was very deep. 

I grabbed the camera and went out on the porch after fifteen minutes of watching them just sit there in a paralyzed position not even moving their heads. They were in some kind of shock after landing and not being able to move. 

Then one, the "leader" I think struggled to paddle its body around a bit and the others tried to do it too. VERY slowly the leader moved a little forward, the others following. It took about an hour for them to all gather in one cluster, stirring the slush and - suddenly they all in unison flapped their wings, and lifted off. Whew! That was a close one.

One year a goose was stuck and the eagles ate him. I took pictures. Sad sight. 

Yes, we had our first snow yesterday. Greasy mess. 'Tis the Season...

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