Saturday, July 27, 2019

In the Meantime...

Our daughter will have to repeat her story about her lake swim yesterday so I can get more details. Then I'll tell you her story. In the meantime a few more, and I promise to be the last, of my old writings.

Maybe this one was about people dumping stuff, NO???
Contamination - Complete Piece
Litter in our fields, litter in our streams,
Litter in our hearts, litter in our dreams.
Litter in our homes, litter in our skies,
Litter in our souls, litter in our eyes.
Litter in our stores, litter in our pines,
Litter in our lives, litter in our minds.
Litter in our books, litter in our schools,
Litter in our church, litter makes us fools.
How does litter start? How does litter grow?
People make the litter. People let it show.
There’s a place for litter, there’s a place, I’m sure…
Clean up all your litter, don’t allow it to endure.
By Geraldine, August 1976
The beginning of an angry time of life. Why? I don't remember.....REALLY.  Menopause??
Mankind - Complete Piece
Who says all birds have wings?
Not the ones I know.
They’re creepy, crawly, poison things,
Their names are Gin and Joe.
The stars delight in fine array,
They think they rule above.
The beasts will stalk and maim and slay
The ones they claim to love.
They push and shove and neck in neck
They hasten on their way.
They don’t know where they’re going
But they know they cannot stay.
I wonder if the subtle sound
My anguished heart perceives
Is promise of a future time
When everyone believes.
By Geraldine, 1976
I have no idea of what motivated me to write this.
Progress - Complete Piece
Once there was a man
Who lived within the wood,
He’d hunt and fish and sing,
And knew his life was good.
And then they found the man
And took him far away…
“To a better land,” they said,
“He’d have to learn to stay.”
But soon the man grew sad,
His body wracked with grief.
They killed the lonely man
Because of their belief.
Why did people try to change
His happy way of life?
Did they know he left behind
His baby and his wife?
Now the child is grown,
His mother died today,
So deeper in the woods he’ll move
To live his father’s way.
By Geraldine, 1976

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