Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Colorful Short Rideabout

Yellow, orange, red and pretty, they’re everywhere! Down the road, up the road, around the corner, they’re everywhere! In the woods, in the fields, in the yards, they’re everywhere! By the ponds, by the lake, by the ditches, they’re everywhere! Newly opened, dying off, drooping over, standing straight, they’re everywhere!
It’s the time of the lily.
Oh! and Momma duck with her 5 ducklings hiding in a roadside ditch. When they saw me they swam right into a pipe that is under a driveway. They didn't come out! My new golf car is noisy!
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  1. Pretty, pretty lilies. My mother always had day lilies in the yard.

    And of course, LOVED mama and het brood.

  2. Oh wow, how I loved this post! I was ready to scoop up the mama duck and her ducklings and name them all and make a great buffet of whatever they'd love to eat. Adorable! And the lilies --- makes a person want to changed their name: LilyD...I like it ;)