Thursday, January 3, 2019


So far not an error! I tried out my new air frier that my granddaughters sent to me as a Christmas gift. The first challenge was to find a place where it could be connected to electricity and be as level as possible. The old sink drainboard that sits under the fluorescent light fixture was the best place suitable. There is a socket on the side of the fixture and I use it often. It only means moving the dish drainer and unplugging the ceramic tree.  Oh! The challenges of using electrical appliances in this cabin!
I thought I'd start with something simple, and the fries by Nathan was my choice. I set the timer for 15 minutes and the heat at 400° as the instructions indicated for fries. Maybe next time I'll use the automatic function. I just wanted to learn all of the options.
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OK! They were not greasy and were brown and hot. They were good.  Success. Wiped out the basket and the pan with paper towel. Before I had this frier I would put them on a cookie sheet that was covered with Release foil and pop them into the oven for about 25 minutes at 400°. Easy cleanup - throw away the foil!
The next use will be the Perdue chicken breast nuggets. Again, I usually do these in the regular oven on a Release-covered cookie sheet.
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I plan to step up very soon with hamburgers. The basket is about 9" in diameter so two should fit nicely. We'll see. When the weather is cold, I like to do these on my George Forman Grill, but it is an older one (1996) where the grids are not removable. I found that by soaking a paper towel in water and inserting it between the grids after cooking and cool down, the residue is easily removed.
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When the fellow who does our yard work visited recently, he saw the air frier and said it's just like his and his family of 7 all love the results and the recipes in the accompanying book are good. That is encouraging and I plan to start out simple. My usual method of challenging projects is always trial and error. Newfangled things can be intimidating for old people.
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  1. Glad you are getting good results. I do very litte cooking and wondered if I should invest in one. Nite❤