Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Project

My fellow blogger, Anni understands the enormity of my old photo album project and says she hopes I'll take "before" and "after" photos. Darn! I didn't think of that but here are a few to give you the idea.

I just want to keep it as “vintage” as possible, not create an up-to-date style. I’ll be OK. Just takes time and motivation. Most of the photos are trimmed with pinking shears - haha! Crooked and all.

So far I have trimmed 30 pages and have scored and bent over one end 1” and punched about 10 pages with two holes each 3” away from ends and 1/2” in from ends. The really messy part will be trying to unglue the photos as in those old days I used Mucilage. Remember that stuff? Red rubber tip with a slit to let the glue out when you press down. I will soon start to do one page at a time. Remove and remount.
Some of the photos have both corners AND glue!

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