Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Clean Out - Update!

A few days ago I hung out my "wind ribbons," just because I like to see things moving and I also wanted to finish off the bits and pieces of old ribbons from my craft container.  

James finally got his last photo of 2018 on December 31. Then it rained and it rained..... did I say it rained?
When I looked out the window this morning, even it was only 22° the ice on the lake has completely disappeared. I looked back at last year's photos and saw that many ice fishermen were out there on January 11 and we had our first significant snow on January 18. Wow is this a different year!
please click on image to view larger

Today the paper shredder is going full blast. It is very old and has jammed several times. We hope to get through this annual paperwork project. I keep all medical paperwork for two years and each year destroy the oldest ones. We have to do the updates and upkeep on address lists, and bank statements so there won't be such an accumulation that it becomes overwhelming. Does anyone else do this? You often hear "Out with the old, in with the new."   That is all it really is. 

I guess the next project will be to to remove holiday decorations and try out my new air frier. Let the fun begin!


  1. Oh....I hope you let us know about the air fryer. I've been tempted to buy one for French fries h the like (I hate to heat the oven just for potatoes) and I don't want to deep fat fry them.

    James looks dapper (but cold).

    And, yes we do the same thing with our paper work. In July.

  2. On our way to MBeach. In Washington PA tonight and not a bit of snow from Toronto to here, not even in the
    woods ! Happy New Year to you and Ed 😍

  3. Happy New Year to you both! I think you are more organized then me but I did get some of the Christmas decorations down. Now the outside lights but I've gone and caught some bug. Going to bed early. Nite❤