Friday, March 2, 2018

Windy Snow Event March 2, 2018

Long day here. Electric power was out for only 6 hours. Yea for stand-by generators. No loss of cable or internet!! We stayed indoors, listened to the scanner and heard of many accidents, an impending heart attack, a lady in labor needing a trip to the hospital, and another severe health issue needing transportation.  We watched the winds blowing thick wet snow and saw the spiders clinging to their new web that I just hung out yesterday. The video is a bit long (2 minutes) but I haven't done one in a long time and needed the practice. It shows the winds best at the end. Below the video are photos sent to me by a neighbor who braved it out into the storm to get some marvelous pictures. She sent them to me and gave permission for me to show you. You will like them, I'm sure.

please click on image to view larger
A small township truck with a plow in front came through once and later the big township road grader went by. They will be back for sure as is is still snowing and blowing at 6:00pm!


  1. That is a terrible snow storm. Glad I'm watching from a warm place. Don't miss the winter at all. Stay warm and safe.

  2. Well I'm glad that didn't happen here. Did you add a soundtrack or was what I heard the ambient sound?
    Very nice photos. I like the black and white winter shots.