Thursday, March 8, 2018

Bear With Me...

Dull weather, dull activity, dull energy…and I’m NOT depressed, just bored! I’m running out of ideas to keep busy. Every evening before going to bed I stand before the fire, rotate my body until my legs are very warm and then go to the bed to “hibernate” for eight or nine hours. It is winter. After getting comfortable and thinking pleasant thoughts sleep overcomes. Dreaming always happens as well and I usually can tell the Mister all of the interesting things I experienced in those many dreams when I stagger out in the morning and try to get myself moving again.  

Why can’t we really hibernate? Especially older people who don’t have to travel to jobs or get up at a particular time each morning. I think it would be neat to close my eyes on a winter evening and wake up to a summer’s sunny warm day.

I’m just blathering and I know it, BUT….I know I cannot operate at a summer level in the winter. It might be neat to sleep during the journey into the next season, wouldn’t it? It sure would reduce the food and heating bills….OK, OK! Besides, I sure wouldn't want to wake up with any new babies like momma bears do!

So I painted a digital picture today.
please click on image to wake the bear


  1. Well I just finished shoveling the worst snow to shovel, wet and heavy. Don't get me wrong I love living where I live but I wish I didn't have to shovel snow anymore. Still I'm grateful that I am able to still do it and besides I can always use the exercise. Ok now I'm gonna go and poke the sleeping bear.

  2. I thought the bear would wake up when I clicked on it. Still it's obvious you are artistically creative. If you could manage to get the bear to wake up that would really be a trick.