Friday, March 9, 2018


Another week has passed and another winter day is left behind. Yippee!

Today I saw an ad on TV for a dining room table set with side benches. VERY costly! DUH! For 11 years we had one of those - It was a wooden picnic table and two unattached benches. I had covered it with a left over piece of fabric-backed wall covering called Wall-Tex; tough stuff for lots of wiping and cleaning.  Four of the children sat there with us and the other two were in high chairs.  Just sayin'........That table and benches traveled to Pennsylvania and was used on an outdoor screened-in side porch for many more years.
I spent most of yesterday afternoon playing with computer graphics and trying to create GIFS - you know, the kind that move. I don't have any type of application to use except a useable free one that I found on the internet. (The Giphy site just doesn't do what I envision.) My results are less than spectacular but I did achieve making a couple. I started out with a graphic of a snowflake and a colorful wallpaper. Then I pasted 12 snowflakes on the wallpaper and cut each one out to put into the program. Speed was a problem but I'm satisfied - for now - with the resulting effect. Unfortunately I work on the dining room table and have to put it all away as mealtimes seem to come very fast. DARN! Below the resulting GIFS are some of the images that I start with. Lots of copying, cutting and pasting!  It is challenge for me and I do like a challenge. THE SECOND DOESN'T LOOP and only works when you first open the site. Sorry about that.
Of course if you would like to view the graphics larger, feel free to click on an image.

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  1. I like it! Colorful!! I used to spend hours making animated gifs. They're addictive. And yes, furniture is VERY costly