Sunday, October 8, 2017

Apple Project #5 Plus...

No pictures this time. I dried 5 medium/large Cortland apples yesterday. They took only 7 hours to dry and the four trays were packed full (but no overlaps). Now I will have the apples to make two pies in the months to come. We also will be able to determine which pie we like better. Last year the one I made with the dried Macouns was absolutely delicious and perfect.

Two more projects have been completed to my satisfaction. The fallen pine cones that I had picked up in a neighbor's yard and then baked to melt the sap were used. There are none left. I have had this project in mind for quite a while and sent the Mister to the tractor store to buy a ball of jute or hemp. He found jute. It was messy but worked just fine. A tricky balancing act was then accomplished with the trial and error method and I have a rustic mobile. The leftover ones were attached to an old metal ivy wreath along with the three teasels that I had previously dried.  Since there were no large lumpy pumpkins at the orchard this year, I bought just one gourd and a little lumpy orange pumpkin. The pumpkin in the middle is ceramic. It was my mother's, a gift to her when when she was in the extended care facility. Soooooooo, now I am into the seasonal mood and all is fine.
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