Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Apple Project #3

It's a labor of love - REALLY! The Mister quarters each apple and he also runs the Foley Food Mill. He disposes of the parings and helps with the cleanup. We both have to "take a break" several times during the process of making this wonderful applesauce. We will do it all again in a few days and then it's up to me to produce more baked items. The good apples are worth our efforts and will be enjoyed all year long.

The project process and completion is the same every year and these photos below are new. Some of you haven't been reading the apple stories through the years so I would love you make your own. There are easier ways, I suppose but I'm "old-school' and have time. Lately, my problem is a lack of energy and stamina but I know how tasty and enjoyable this stuff is!!
Washed in white vinegar water and ready to cut
Quartered, cored and cut into chunks
 About 1 quart of water is added as they cook down
 Mashed and smashed until no chunks are left
From kettle to grinder 
 Only a very small amount of skin is left in mill when finished
 About 1/8 t. nutmeg and 1/2 t. cinnamon is added
 Ladled into containers and burped for freezing
Clean up all finished and utensils await the next sauce-making day
The "old stuff" works very well.
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