Saturday, October 14, 2017

Apple project #7 and more...

The two very large Cortland apples that I had saved until last of my supply of them, were dried in the dehydrator. The production will be enough for a pie sometime next spring. TWO apples! The owner of the orchard says the Cortland variety apples are insanely large. The other day, my brother brought over a large one from a very old orchard near him that hasn't been pruned nor sprayed for years. It compared in size and texture with the ones from the well- cared-for orchard.  Something "special" went on this year and only Mother Nature knows what and why. I have yet to bake a pie or crisp or bundt cake. Soon it will happen. Then the project counting will cease as soon as I make another applehead. I gave "Agnes" to the orchard store and the school children who tour the farm saw another thing to do with apples! Remember Agnes?  No? OK here she is.
Annie and Alice stayed home. 
I've started to carve a new gal who will be named either Angie or Alma.

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