Saturday, October 21, 2017

Sunday's Critters

Here Kitty! Today he was sitting on a neighbor's side porch staring at me. I made noises and movements but he stuck still and wouldn't move. What a beauty he is. Yesterday he trotted right up the center of the road in front of the cabin.
On my cart ride today, when I saw the bird, I wished I were younger and could just sit in the woods for hours to see whatever came my way. I remember doing just that many years ago. I used to walk the ridge up behind the cabin and sit on a large moss-covered boulder, ears and eyes open.  But at least I had a taste of a good past memory. Today, as I was moving along the steep dirt road coming down into the lake I thought I saw a chicken in the woods. I couldn't get a good picture because it was far into the depth of the underbrush, but I sure tried. Most of my pics were failures, however I have identified this bird. It was a Ruffled Grouse and his ruffles were out and he was drumming! WOW! My pictures are fuzzy as I sat and zoomed in as far as I could go, which of course accentuates shaking and blurry pictures. He kept moving after he spotted me. It was exciting to see him fly away.
Well now you can see what I really saw by looking at internet pictures below.
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  1. Wow! Seeing that grouse was a gift. I too go into my woods at my primary house to sit on a boulder & just think & be marveled by nature.

  2. How so very exciting!!! I would have LOVED to be with you when you saw both the sweet kitty AND the grouse!!

  3. What a beautiful bird. I've never seen one like that before.