Tuesday, October 3, 2017

To the Orchard...

Yesterday our daughter came with us and she brought an order with her from one of her friends to pick up orchard bounty as she couldn't come along. The apples are absolutely amazing this year. The cider is the best in the world - to all of us.  We returned home with fabulous apples, cider, gourds, pumpkins and such good feelings for the very pleasant visit. We left just as three filled school buses arrived with first graders from a local area school. Last week the orchard entertained 2nd graders from another school. The children are able to watch cider being made right there and are also given apple treats. What a fun way for children's education about farm-grown produce to be better appreciated and understood.

The owner, after seeing me take some pictures offered me a very special large Cortland apple. I had already seen and admired the two large ones she had on a shelf display because of their size.  The ladies who sort apples are constantly working in a side room and they have a huge job to do this year. They are usually the ones who find the unusual shapes and sizes of the fruits.

The first picture is an apple that had the hatched butterfly attached to dry out, but it never flew away and remnants of the chrysalis are still on the stem. I was told that this apple weighs in at almost two pounds! Before leaving, the owner handed me a super large one that she had kept in the back area. What a nice gift that was!! After I looked in my new supply, I discovered one that was in the middle of my bag is huge as well. I bought Cortlands this time.
Orchard display
One stem twins
The Apple Project #3 is underway this morning. My Macouns are being washed in cold water with distilled white vinegar added. You see, I make applesauce with skins on!

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  1. You make applesauce with the skins on? Do you stitch all the skins together and make an outfit? The second picture made me laugh for a few reasons which I won't mention.
    That was one big apple!