Friday, November 28, 2014

Note Cards

Today I started to finish a project that I had begun back in March. I had prints already made and card stock on hand with the glue, tape and ruler, along with fancy scissors, but no desire to finish until today - of all days! I have a turkey carcass to cook down for soup! Well that will wait. It sits outdoors in a porch chair, frozen.   

I have 20 more to create, and made 12 today. Here is a peek at the 12.

The trim on these three is holographic but the scanner doesn't see it that way.  

The trim on this decoration is GOLD, but the scanner sees it as black! 

I should be making Christmas cards at this time of year, but it seems that I don't do the "shoulds" very well.
(don't forget to click on image to view larger)


  1. isn't it funny how inspiration doesn't always match up with the 'shoulds'? :)

  2. Oh my gosh...they're all so gorgeous Ms. G!! You do beautiful work. And I think the golden colors and pink hues are great, no matter what time of year.

  3. Very nice work! I end up creating silly things with my computer. Turkey carcass on the porch...I think there's a song there.

  4. I'm so glad you don't do the "should" - just beautiful!