Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Being Prepared

The sedum was very burgundy bright this year. 

It makes a nice autumn display, along with my ceramic pumpkin, bunny and squirrels. 
The small air conditioner is covered,  porch swing is cleaned and covered, the flower beds are being cleaned out and we will be ready!
Before we know it, a turkey will be in the oven and all sorts of home baked Treats will be available!

Now to dig out the winter woolies... 

Much more to do-


  1. My goodness, reading your post reminds me that Thanksgiving is creeping up on us pretty fast. I guess I'd better get moving with some of my chores, too. Time to clean the windows... :(

  2. That second picture is adorable!

  3. To me Thanksgiving is the best holiday. There's no religious connection it is purely for giving thanks for what you have including family and friends. You are doing fine photography wise. I too am a novice though I've been doing it for almost 10 years I don't understand much about my camera, for me it's all about finding a picture and framing it right.

  4. Your sedum is intense and beautiful. I can't wait for Thanksgiving. Good food and family and many blessings.