Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Feeling Creative

Comfort food is in the oven and play time is now. A very large meatloaf baking to perfection gives me spare time to bring ideas to the computer for "Crazy Creations."  The first one has been completed a couple of minutes ago and is of a sweet/cute/animated little four year old girl who is a friend's granddaughter. My friend sent me a picture of herself and the little girl making faces together. The creation only consisted of cutting out her funny face, enhancing its curves and color and putting it on a wild background with a title.

This is named "Big World Out There" and that is supposed to indicate how she sees it.
Click on image to view larger
I recently made one of her brother and her making faces. It's what kids do! These were two separate shots so I put them together after manipulating them. They had no Halloween connections at first until I did this one and named it "Imps."

OK, now back to reality and put the potatoes in the oven to bake. 


  1. So creative!! The imps are precious and the Big World Out There is super fun.

  2. Nice Job! Aren't you the creative one!