Monday, November 10, 2014

Pete and Repeat - Applesauce

Well it is applesauce making time again! The crop this year wasn't very good and the orchard where we usually buy the Macouns closed before we returned. Luckily, our daughter bought some for us. It seems the location of the orchard is in an area where the buds were frostbitten in early spring! The owner said it was the worst year they have had in 17 years. No cider for us in 2014. No pie, cake or other goodies either. I love to make and bake with apples. The aroma in the old cabin is so pleasant when this is going on. Well, as an old friend would say, "Don't be bitter, reconsider." OK, I will. We have applesauce.  

So...just a little refresher of my method of applesauce production. Last year I posted all about how I do it, and if you'd like to be really informed, you can click on my blog link with more pictures. Click on this link: Applesauce Making in 2013

Now for today's applesauce handiwork.

So another gallon+ is complete - the usual yield - and we already ate some to boot.

Don't forget to click on image to view larger, if you like. 


  1. i always helped my mom core, pare and slice up apples for the freezer, then we'd use the peelings for applesauce. :)

  2. You have been quite productive! Sorry the apples weren't as good this year, but you did your best. It all looks delicious!

  3. This is right up my alley. I've had more applesauce in the last week than I've ever had due my ongoing dental situation.
    Can you email me some?