Saturday, November 29, 2014

Duck Dinner?

When The Mister looked out of the kitchen window late this afternoon he saw the resident eagle. After he looked through his binoculars he asked me to shoot the event.

It seems that a duck or even a goose, we can't tell, got stuck in the ice and the eagle found his meal of the day. If not, it means that the eagle took it down on purpose. I wonder.....are eagles opportunists?

Now is the time I would have liked to have a really good camera with a telephoto lens that could capture this natural happening on the lake. The eagle was VERY far out in the middle and I only sat on my front porch to acquire the images.

Tomorrow there will be other scavengers but we'll keep an eye out for the eagle to return. 

if you click on the images they will be shown larger but not sharper


  1. In three out of four pictures the eagle seems to be aware that it's picture is being taken. I don't know if there are bald eagles around here. I have seen hawks and falcons circling the parking lot at work because of the 175 acre cemetery across the street. There are rabbits and such living in there.