Sunday, December 18, 2011

Winter is Arriving!

Yes, the ice is forming and it soon will reach about one to three feet in thickness. The usual ice fishermen will come. They will be dressed VERY warmly, on foot and on quads bringing their tents, augers, pails, tipups, scoops, nets, needlenose pliers, live shiners and creekchubs. Hand warmers, paper towels, thermoses, and snacks usually accompany them. Portable radios are often brought along; cell phones, as well, I suppose. Some prefer to jig and bring short poles and mealworms as bait. Ice cleats are usually strapped to their insulated boots. Small fires are sometimes built on the ice with firewood which is transported with sleds to their personal spots. (Remember the matches!) With noses running, eyes tearing and constant vigil around the holes with ice crystals ever floating over them, the result is sometimes a nice crappie, perch, bass, pickerel or sunny. Some anglers prefer solitude but most like to chat with others and swap stories. It's all in a day's fun. The tents, huts and shantys are removed as the winds whip and the snow swirls on the anglers' trek or ride across the ice and back to their waiting vehicles.
My personal opinion is that the fish down in that black hole departed and stayed missing after the roar and vibration of the drill bit first hit that ice! My ounce of adventure does NOT included the sport.

Words of winter wisdom:
Be wary of weather and wind chill, watchful on the ice, and stay warm and dry.

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  1. I enjoy freshwater fishing but I never tried ice fishing though. I'll have to discuss it with my fishing buddy on Cape Cod. There are a zillion ponds down there. Ok maybe not a zillion.