Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Onward to the NEW YEAR!

Snow (Bengal)

It was quiet here on Christmas day. Middle daughter (the only offspring who lives nearby) went to NJ to be with her two sisters and brother and their families. That's a good thing. We have NO desire to travel over the holidays. We will go to her place tomorrow to share foods and stuff. Each of our brood called and that was enough!

Our eldest daughter just sent pictures of their Christmas day together. I love her cat, SNOW, even though he gets into everything! He goes into the tree, breaks balls, knocks stuff off all counters, windowsills, and even the table! They love him. He's a Bengal and also goes into the showers with anyone and loves water! She has to take him for a walk, on leash of course, every day! He is loud mouthed and very curious and active. As he ages, he is also becoming very loving and expressive!

Their doggies are wonderful pets as well. Each one is a character. All the children grew up with many many dogs, cats and kittens, horses, birds, mice, Guinea pigs, and numerous wild critters and it's no wonder they have several as members of their adult families. After all, where would we be without our pets?

Guiseppe (Boxer)

Pasquale (Boston Terrier)

And so, several family lifestyles will perpetuate and all families will experience ups and downs as is normal. Life enters into a new year with new challenges and accomplishments.

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  1. That cat is probably quite intelligent. Pets, at least good ones, can really enrich your life.
    Guissppe and Pasquale, that cracked me up. Are you sure that's not a Lou Monte song?