Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Music is My Heartbeat

Where did all the little people go? I know they are inside this box! I hear them singing. I'm only a little girl sitting on the floor but I know they are dancing in there too!

Do you hear their songs? I hear violins, trumpets, french horns, tubas, cymbals, drums - I love the drums. Just a little while ago I heard a piano playing just like the kind my grandpa plays for me. Oh, gosh! there is a flute! and a saxophone! and I'll try to hear bells and harps. I don't like bagpipes because they sound sad and wail but accordions make me twirl and spin.

You might wonder how I know the names of so many instruments. Mommy puts big round black disks on the record player once in a while and she tells me which sound belongs to which instrument.

Daddy sings sometimes. He knows all the old songs and can sing without music.
Mommy and daddy met at a church where he was invited to sing with a group.

They take me to parades where I can march with the bands. Not really with them in the street but I do march! I really love band music. Boom! Boom! Boom! They take me to ride the merry-go-round too and my pretty horsie goes up and down to music that comes from the middle of the platform.

The organ pipes in our church are very big and gold. They are loud too.

Someday I'm going to listen to music all day long and I'll feel very happy.

Whoops! Now I hear bells! The Good Humor man is coming and his bells tell me to get up and run out to the curb with my nickel. Bye.......

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  1. Love the vintage ice cream truck.
    Your story brought me back to my own youth. It put me in a good mood before I hit the hay. Thanks.