Friday, December 2, 2011

Pop's Comb

I dreamed last night about the days when I was a little girl, sitting on top of his shoulders, straddling his neck, combing his curly black hair as he sat in "his" easy chair.

I remember it so vividly that it's scary! I felt his hair, smelled his essence, and was warmed by the heat of the bridge lamp bulb at my back.

I don't think I was after nits or lice. I just felt that he was soothed by the feelings of the fine-tooth comb scratching his scalp, bringing up dander. I had a hanky to wipe the comb when the teeth were filled with the stuff.

These things one remembers! This was something I did often when he was home from working throughout the state testing cows' milk. He was glad to be home - I was glad he was home.

This morning I looked on the internet for a photo of that old comb and found the exact tool that I used. Memories are strange sometimes, aren't they?

This is all probably more than your need to know, but I had a great time researching pop's comb! (note: Made in AMERICA!)

OLD, like Pop Had!

3-¾" Comb

Extra Fine Tooth Comb

Great for removal of Lice and nits

Ace no longer makes this comb!

Ace now makes this one:

3-1/2" Extra Fine Tooth Lice Comb

* Extra Fine Tooth Comb

* Removes Foreign Material From Hair

* 3.5" Long

* Color: Black

* Strong and durable precision cut teeth.

* Ideal for all hair types.

* For removal of lice, eggs and nits.

* Laboratory tested and approved.

To Remove Head Lice:

Apply lice killing product (please refer to the product's label for full instructions).

To Remove Head Lice Eggs:

1. Comb out any knots that might have formed with any wide-tooth comb.

2. Divide the hair into 1" wide sections and comb through from root to tip using the Medi-Sweep Deluxe Head Lice Comb and wipe away any lice or eggs from the comb onto a tissue.

3. Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water.

4. To clean the Medi-Sweep Deluxe Head Lice Comb, place it in warm, soapy water; rinse thoroughly and dry.

5. The regular use of the Medi-Sweep Deluxe Head Lice Comb can assist with early detection of lice.

3-1/2" Extra Fine Tooth Lice Comb $ 1.99

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