Sunday, December 18, 2011

Calling All Birds

Yesterday I had a couple of birds arrive at my home today and they are hanging out with "Wylie." They whisper in his ear that they came from Hawaii and like it here very much. I hope they will stay for a long while! I've already named them "Coco" and "Nut." I'm so grateful for friends who sent birds to me all the way from Hawaii!

Today Hawaii says, "I'm glad they arrived! They might be a bit chilly! 8-)"

Mainland replies, "Nah! They are toasty by the fireplace. They love it here! I have to get them some seed though. They don't care for cornmeal or oatmeal. (We need the bread and can't share.)"

Update from the mainland: Coco and Nut are looking for their friends, the Partridges, but there are no pear trees here. The French hens are hiding somewhere, the calling birds are too cold to call, and the geese and swans have all gone south. Poor turtle doves only have Wylie (and tasty seeds!).

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  1. I've always been facinayed about the turtle dove. It's amazing how they can fly with that heavy shell.