Tuesday, March 28, 2023

A Not So Good Day

I am punished for bragging about my microwave lasting so long. It went belly up overnight. Karma?

From my Good Day post: "Maybe I can save up enough to replace the ancient tin shower stall next year...that is IF the 38 year old GE microwave oven, which was a gift from my husband and some of our kids as my 1985 Christmas present will keep functioning. I use the microwave oven at least twice a day! Yes I do! It is a real survivor."

Yes, this morning I filled my cup with cold water, a Constant Comment tea bag, put it in the microwave and set the timer to 3 minutes. punched the buttons. NADA! I opened and closed the door several times, reset the timer, checked the plug and the circuit breaker, talked to it.....NADA. It just DIED!

I found a replacement on the internet and have it ordered to arrive April 3. I HOPE! One page showed it was out of stock but a message to the supplier says, "Hi Reed, This should be shipping tomorrow morning with arrival on April 4."

I will show it to you after arrival. It is a bit 'different' and smaller too!

My friend (I couldn't do without her help) came to the rescue later today and took away the deceased for the recycling center. I hope it had a nice ride.

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  1. Our microwave is in constant use!! Of course, I am in the car and off to buy a new one if need be.